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"Black Widow"

Name: Amanda Storm or when we are feeling theatrical, "The Blak Widow" Amanda Storm. (The invisible "H" is silent.) Hometown: Sacramento, California. Current Residence: Gray, Maine

Vitals: 5'7" or 170 cm 170 lbs or 1.75 metric tons on some planets (aka mesoendomorph) Eyes: Green or Blue (Nictitating membrane is goldenrod in color.) Natural Hair Color: Sorry, I don't remember. Training: Student for Life at Killer Kowalski's Wrestling School. Trained by Mike Hollow and Walter Kowalski.

Titles Held
South Coast Championship Wrestling Universal Champion (Tournament) South Coast Championship Wrestling Women's Title (New England) Sacramento Valley Heavyweight Title - 2 times (Northern California) Dragon Crown Wrestling Women's Title (Maine) All Star Wrestling Women's Title (Maine) NWA New England Women's Title - 3 times South Coast Championship Wrestling Interstate Title (New England) Main Event Wrestling Cruiserweight Title (Vermont) Ultimate Professional Wrestling Women's Title (USA) Lutte Internationale 2000 United States Women's Title (USA) Yankee Pro Wrestling Women's Title (New England)

Famous People
Killer Kowalski was a guest referee in one of my matches. I helped push King Kong Bundy to victory up in Montreal in front of thousands of fans. I have partaken in the destruction of Tony Atlas more than once. I have shared a ring with Jacques Rougeau ("The Mountie") who threw me around pretty good.
Favorite Catch Phrases: "Whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks." "Share the Evil" is on my t-shirts but I don't actually say that one in the ring much. "Let's light this bad boy up!" seems to come up a lot when I'm chopping some guy in the corner.

Favorite Moves: The good, old-fashioned body slam is my personal favorite. I also like powerbombs, and when I'm in a technical mood working an arm.

Greatest Weaknesses:Sunlight, and strangely enough DDT's. For some reason when I lose for real there always seems to be a DDT involved somewhere.

Attitude Towards the Fans: I know that in the past I have tried to distance myself from the fans. I have expressed the opinion that people are fickle so why bother caring what they think. Well, as of late I have had a change of heart. I still would not exactly base my self-esteem on what other people think about me. But I do find that I gather strength from the people being behind me, which is happening more and more lately. (I do appreciate it by the way guys.) And one thing has never and will never change. I would still rather that the people not throw anything at me which weighs more than I do.

Favorite Animals: For pets a toss up between rabbits, cats and spiders. To eat, why sea urchins and sentient vegetables of course.

Favorite Music: I have an especial fondness for White Zombie. "It is not heresy. I will not recant!" Hole, Nine Inch Nails, the Indigo Girls, and Judas Priest are also cool. Actually I find that I'm not too picky so long as it has a beat and you can dance to it. For "theme music" at shows, I use all sorts of things. The commonality is that the music be condusive to running around the ring like an grinning fool and slapping hands.

Hobbies & Interests: I'm a Gemini so I have loads of stuff I like to do. I'm into poetry, roleplaying games, collecting stuffed rabbits, sharp objects and guns. One of my favorite hobbies, besides synthesizing neurotoxins, is dealing with men I don't like in the various wrestling federations. What I mean by 'deal' is dissemble their minds and bodies much in the way a curious child takes apart an old pocket watch. (Only in the nicest possible way of course.) Naturally I haven't a clue of how to put them back together again, but the need has never really come up. Do I hate men? No, just the ones I don't like. Doesn't everyone hate the people they don't like? Some of my best friends and tag team partners are men, and I would give my fifth life's blood for them all.

amanda will be a force to reckon with in the world of Mass Muscle. She is tough, fiesty, fearless, and will fight any man any style for REAL!! She fears no one...She also wrestles all styles except erotic.Contact her at 207-627-6981 ext.16 or cell phone 207 650 4522 or email
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