Amber Castello

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Lake City, FL 32055
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5'5",175lbs with 18" calves and striated gluts and quads!!


5'5"", 175lbs off season,

Welcome to my world or shall we say what I allow you to see of it.

I am a italiano women so yes I am like your typical women from italy. I am extremely passionate and overly domiant as well as being highly sensual and seductive. However, I am also romantic, kind and extremly loving and kind. I am not just a athlete however, actually more of a artist as there are many facets to my personality.

So here is my story I am a champion power lifter and hold records in colorado and nebraska and I also won a best legs contest in california as well. I am extremely strong and am proud to say I am drug free for life. So everything I have accomplished has been due to my faith and very hard work. I want to promote my drug free lifestyle so I can educate others about all the positive effects a drug free lifestyle can give you. I am also a writer and have written several screenplays and right now am working on my movie which will be a huge blockbuster hit. Watch for this movie and mini-seri's as well. I write poetry and short stories as well and am working with publishers on this. I am also a actress and have been in several films as well as produced and directed a few.

This is a new journey for me and I am still learning and with the help of my wonderful friends and my drive and determination my dreams will come true. I am also a song writer and bass player and right now I am really pursuing this and am working on my cd. So I will be in the studio in Denver Colorado for the next three months working hard on my cd. This will be amazing as I write songs from my heart and my experiences so it will be composed of rock balled's with some thrash and a couple lita ford type songs. So look out for your new ROCK STAR...

I want to meet all of you and am available for all kinds of session wrestling.

As far as my bodybuilding goes I want to take more time to really prepare for my first competition so I will do the 2009 season. I love the way it makes me feel and the intensity it gives me. I was given a great gift with my all natural muscle and size and I want to pursue this and share my story with the world. So watch your future champion . I hope that gave you a better idea of what I am about and thank you for sharing my journey with me and I hope you will enjoy this transformation as much as I am...kisses, italianogoddess amber

This is one Sexy, sensual, muscular lady!!

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