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"Sky Magic"

The days where only men rule the ring are over as far as "Sky Magic" is concerned. She is the manifestation of the 20th century's sport woman. A ying and yang balance of east and west. Born in Tokyo, Asia migrated to America with her family in search of the American dream. in Japan it is traditional for the woman to be weak, and helpless. That is how most traditional women are. Well, here's to be braking traditions!

I think a woman can be strong, intelligent, and powerful and still be very feminine.
After bodybuilding for 3-1/2 years and participating in a few contests in Japan, Asia decided to put her muscle to work. She got interested in professional wrestling as a lot of the bodybuilders who seek a little more excitement do. So Asia tries to concentrate on wrestling and bodybuilding, keeping kickboxing as a 'side dish'.

Mass Muscle videos she has been in are:
Video 134 Mixed match, 1 hr, $60.00
Video 144 Mixed match, 1 hr, $60.00

Asia wrestles all styles. Email us to get her free direct contact number, so you can meet this great lady. How to reach her are on each of her videos end as well.

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