Maria Calo

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295 NW Commons Loop Suite 115-377
Lake City, FL 32055
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5'6", 185lbs of Massive Muscle!!


5'6"", 200lbs off season, 185lbs contest, 18" biceps and calves, 29" quads.

Maria is from Argentina, now living in VA and Wa. area. She stays in top shape all year round. She is an animal in the gym and very few women let alone men can keep up with her intense workouts!! she is a very formidable foe in the ring and really knows how to give anyone a good fight she also loves playful fantasy roleplay, lifts and carries, sensual,Posing muscle worship. She also loves to play volleyball,Swimming,and fencing. Her true loves are relaxing, listening to classical music,reading,and the love of nature. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
The video everyone has been waiting for is here. A great wrestling video with maria destroying a well built man. Video 359 FOR WOMEN ONLY a great senerio video depicting maria as a manager of a women's gym and having to face throwing out a man who comes to work out there. Maria's muscles are the biggest I have witnessed to date with 29+" quads and huge 18" biceps and calves and this lady is extremely powerful!!! Chuck is made to submit time and time again with every kind of scissor hold, grapevines, combination holds and holds that have never been witnessed before. Maria is tireless and seems to want to go non-stop during this 1 hr video. Great action and closeups of the largest leg muscles ever seen on a woman makes this video one you will want to view 1 hr cost $60.00 then choose one free from the catalog videos 101-289. Photos of this video will be posted within a week or so but the video is available now. How to reach her is at the end of the video or you can just ask me and I will give it to you. Maria will be traveling extensively for mass muscle doing private sessions so check the travel page in the links to find out where and when. This is one MASSIVE muscled lady you will not want to miss.!! Email me at Mass Muscle below for her direct contact information in Va. and DC/MD areas.

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