Christene Marshall

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Biceps: 15 1/2"

Calves: 16"

Quads: 25"



If you have ever seen the Mass Muscle "ripped" video of Christene, then you will surely want to have this newly-released video of her, shot September 20th, 1997, two weeks out from her England body-building

Christene is as muscular and ripped as she was in the Mass Muscle video but what makes this video perhaps better is the way she speaks to you and her extremely sexy and sensual way that she poses and moves. Done almost all topless with complete nudity at times, christene will get you hanging on the edge of your seat with your mouth wide open as she seduces and allures you, having you wanting to jump into the TV set to join her.

Many outfits are worn, but really not much clothing at all in this one. This is a sexy, sensual, erotic, topless and tasteful nude posing video that I'm sure you will want to have.

Thank you Mass Muscle Ed for turning us on to this erotic, hot lady! Unlike our other gals, christene as you know does wrestle, so how to reach her is given at the end of the video.

Five 8x10 laser quality photos are offered at $25.00 color $15.00 black and white.

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