Dawn Whitham

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295 NW Commons Loop Suite 115-377
Lake City, FL 32055
Phone: (239) 498-3684 Fax: 386 963-2808 or (727) 856-7863

NPC National Contender

Dawn Whitham is a fast up and coming from the small state of Connecticut. Dawn herself is not so small; She is 175 pounds of lean, very hard, defined muscle, 5'5" height, 16" arms, 16-1/2" calves, 25" quads.
Dawn started competing in bodybuilding about 8 years ago in 1987. Right from the start she won an AAU National Qualifier in 1988. The first NPC show Dawn did was a National Qualifier, Bev Francic's Classic in New York in 1992, and she placed overall, blowing all the competition away with her overwhelming muscles size and density. She outweighed the lightweight by 60 lb.

Three years ago Dawn got into wrestling and posing. Dawn is available for private wrestling and has appeared in several Mass Muscle videos.

She has appeared in videos:
Video 140, 152 Mixed matches
Video 145, 168 Posing
Video 172, 194 Female vs. Female
Video 211 Workout
All wrestling videos are 50 to 60 min, $60.00 each. Posing videos are 30 min at $45.00 ea.

Email us for Dawn's direct address to contact her for wrestling, pictures, etc.
Email us to get her free direct contact number, so you can meet this great lady. How to reach her are on each of her videos end as well.

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