Christine Envall

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NAPLES, FL 34101-1629
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5'3",Reachs 200+lbs of Massive Muscle!!


5'3"", 195+lbs off season, 165lbs contest, 161/2" biceps and 18+" calves, 26+" quads.

Christine the massive most muscular woman in the world lives in austraila she has been in bodybuilding for 10 years and is steadily increasing her size and weight. She has competed primarily in the NABBA Women's Physique Class: short. Titles from 1997 on are 1997 NABBA Miss Victoria 1st., 1997 NABBA Night of autralia's best 1st., 1997 NABBA Miss Australia-2nd, 1997 NABBA Miss World -1st overall & short class, 1997 NABBA Miss Australia-1st., 1997 Miss Universe-2nd short class, 1998 NABBA Miss Australia-1st.Her goals are to become even bigger, more massive and more ripped! (unreal!!) She loves to eat out and loves spicy foods like indian,thai and mexican dishes.She also loves to relax to a good movie. Christine will wrestle you in very light wrestling,but prefers posing muscle worship sessions. She travels to the states every year she can be reached at or write to her at P.O. Box 113 Richmond Victoria 3121 Autralia she has photos and videos of herself for sale. Mass Muscle will be working with her in the future. Tell her Mass Muscle Ed told you. This is one MASSIVE MUSCLED lady you will not want to miss.!! Email her at

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