Lady Herricane

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Lady Herricane


Natural Bodybuilder and athlete

I AM: Athletic, muscular, powerful. I am an ex-Bounty Hunter, specializing in Martial Arts and Weaponry. My areas of expertise include: * Karate - I have trained hard for 14 years and hold a 4th Degree Blackbelt in Shotokan Karate. * Kung Fu - I know 4 out of 7 animal Kung Fu: Monkey, Lion, Crane, and Snake. * Kickboxing. * Weaponry - Butterfly knives, tomfas (known as whooping sticks to police officers), spearing and star throwing. * I am also a Natural Bodybuilder who is extremely fit with 8% body fat. A well rounded person, I am a successful business woman with a BS in Physics. SO WHAT?: As a Bounty Hunter, I was once commissioned to bring in 4 men. They resisted. In a minute's time, I had each of them broken, down, and cuffed. You doubt it? Try Me. I have pressed above my head -- arms straight up -- a 200 lb. man. He found the view from 7 feet up... interesting... just before I put him into a backbreaker. Then he peed his pants...

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