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The Eighth Wonder of the bodybuilding world

Mass Muscle Videos features Karla Nelsen, 17" biceps, 17" calves, 26" thighs at 5'10" and 203 lbs.

Karla was born in a small town in Northern Minnesota.
Karla began her athletic career when she was in seventh grade. From the seventh grade through her senior year she participated in volleyball, basketball and track.
In 1984, Karla began her college career at the University of Minnesota. At that point education began her main objective, and she only participated in intramural college sports. She graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in Business, majoring in accounting.

In 1987 she decided to join a gym and in 1988 she placed second in the heavyweights at the Minnesota State contest. In 1989 she won the overall and title of "Ms. Minnesota". In 1990 Karla competed in the Jr. USA, placing fifth in her weight class.

Karla has also become very popular by her involvement in wrestling videos. She got involved about four years ago and has been featured in 23 videos since. She is also in the process of starting her own video company which will not only offer wrestling, but posing and workout, and photo sets.

Karla has appeared in many Mass Muscle videos. They are:
V101, V102, V121, V128,
V148, V157, V172, V184,
V219, V225, V232, V241,
V247, V257, V263, V273
All videos are 1/2 hr for $50.00 ea.

In addition to the wrestling videos, Karla is also available for private wrestling and/or posing sessions. The wrestling that she does is semi-competitive, submission style, also playful, lifts-carries, and fantasy.

You can contact Karla at KARLAPOWER@aol.com. Be sure to tell them Mass Muscle sent you.

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