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Sexy Lady, Tough Wrestler

Mass Muscle Videos women are getting more muscular and sexier everyday. Kasie 5'7" 169 lbs with 16" biceps, 16" calves, 24-1/2" quads blonde hair and hazed eyes is one sexy tough wrestler.

A national level bodybuilder Kasie grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota but now resides in San Diego, California. In high school she competed in track and field, softball, and gymnastics. After high school she studied graphic arts and obtained her degree. After moving to San Diego she went to the gym and began lifting weights. After two years of lifting she entered her first bodybuilding show and took first in her heavy weight class. It was in her blood all the time.

Kasie is available for competitive, semi-competitive, lifts-carries, posing and fantasy wrestling. Some more statistics are 38-28-38 and quite pleasing to the eye.
Email us for her direct phone or how to reach her is at her videos endings.

Videos she has been in are:
Video 272 Special delivery a scenario type video showing her sexy muscle to the fullest. 1 hr long, $60.00
Video 285 A tough competitive match showing Kasie's great skills as well as muscles. 1 hr, $60.00

You can contact Kasie at kcflex@inreach.com. Be sure to tell them Mass Muscle sent you.

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