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5'4",155lbs with 15" calves , 16" biceps, 24" quads!!


5'4"", 155lbs off season,

was born May 6th in New Hartford, NY. Lived there until I was 22 years old then moved to Texas- Dallas Fort Worth area. I did most of my bodybuilding competitions in Texas. They included the Lone Star, The Metroplex, Gold’s Classic , the Texas state championships and the Nationals in Dallas where I won the mixed pairs with Johnnie McCormick and was 9th in the women’s heavyweight class weighing in at 159, 5’4” and 5% bodyfat.

While In Texas, I not only competed in bodybuilding but became more involved in showing Palomino Quarter Horses. I traveled all across the state and neighboring states as well showing and competing with my mare. We were very successful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Horses were not the only animal I became involved in training. I acquired a love for German Shepherd dogs as well and did quite a bit of work and competitions with them too.

I have many passions in my life .Dogs, horses and bodybuilding are three of them. At the age of 39 years old, I began riding and racing motocross bikes! After watching my young son ride for a while, I said to myself “I could do that” And so, I did! Never having ridden before in my life-never even knowing such a sport existed , I bought a bike a Honda 125 (I have since moved on to a Yamaha 250F) and began to ride and race….I became very involved in it and competed against both men and women. It was a wonderful time to share with my son.

I also love playing the flute, listening to a wide variety of music from Jim Brickman to Slipknot, drawing ,playing tennis and riding my bike with my dog!
I must say that even though I have a wide variety of passions and interests, bodybuilding has been the constant factor and driving force in my life for the past 27 years. I still get extremely excited about every single workout, train like an animal and love the whole bodybuilding lifestyle from lifting to cardio to eating clean and “fueling the body”. I have always lifted heavy and have never been afraid of getting “too muscular”. I love everything about muscle-the way it moves, feels and looks!

Often I am asked about some specifics lifts. I generally don’t care how much I lift or the number… “it’s not how much you lift, it’s how much you look like you lift”!
To answer some specific lift questions, I have bench pressed 225 x 2, I regularly squat 225 x 10 for two sets, leg press over 850 lbs for reps. Straight leg deadlift 245lbs and do 4 sets of wide grip, overhand chins 20, 15, 12 and 10 reps .I can do 100 pushups at one time. My triceps are one of my strongest bodyparts-doing 110lbs skull crushers and the whole stack on pushdowns. When lifting, I always stress form and maintain control over the weights… I love knowing when I get that heavy weight in my hands, it is going to be under my complete control!! The feeling of power and strength is like no other such a rush!

Besides my passions and interests, I am blessed to have two amazing kids. A creative, artistic son who is almost 18-how did that happen!?!?! and a 16 year old athletic, spit fire of a daughter-hummm wonder where she gets that? They are the lights of my life and am very fortunate to have them in my life….

This is one Sexy, sensual, muscular lady!!

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