Lora Ottenad

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Solid Huge Muscle

5'8-1/2", 180 lb. of solid huge muscle, 17" biceps, 17"+ calves, 27-1/2" quads National level bodybuilder ardent wrestler.

Lora lives in Seattle , WA where she trains for her bodybuilding and wrestling. She has competed and won the 1991 overall Seattle, 1992, 1995 overall Washington state, 1996 overall Emerald Cup, 1996 NPC USA competitor.
Lora is fun loving exciting down to earth. Beautiful woman who loves to ski and also loves fast cars being the owner of a 91 Corvette.

Lora no longer does private wrestling, sorry

Lora's new video UNWANTED DANCER V295 Lora shows her huge muscles as she wrestles a good size guy and completely overpowers him and gets him in several holds. Many lifts,throws,airplane spins, breathtaking scissors has to be seen, this lady has massive 27 1/2" quads and she knows how to use them. Her grapevines are deadly and she knocks the wind out of this guy while applying them. Lora is beautiful, deadly, and a great thing to watch in action. Even though this is a storyline scenerio type video lora goes all out and tries to kill this guy. $60.00 and it is yours. Order yours today everyone else will!!!
Also how to reach her is on the back of her 8x10 black & white laser quality copies. Both photos are $10.00.

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