Melissa Coates

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5'4", 150lbs


Melissa Coates a one of a kind magnificient beauty!!

stats are 36DD, 26, 34 with 15 inch biceps, 16 in calves, and 24 in thighs. I got interested in bodybuilding originally as I was weigh training for a career in tennis, but was caught up in the feeling of health and power I got from pumping iron. To see my body change in dimension and see my strength progress so rapidly was, and still is, a real high for me. I have always been attracted to power, and the motto I live by is stated so aptly by Henry Kissinger: "Power is the great aphrodisiac" Before I began competing in bodybuilding shows, I participated in Power Competitions, and had a great championship bench press, benching 250 lbs at a body weight of 130 lbs. Other maximums I have achieved are a 315 squat, and a 405 deadlift, not too bad for a woman whose bodyweight fluctuates between 135 - 145 lbs. I quickly moved onto BB, because I felt the challenge to be even greater than in powerlifting and surprised myself by a string of victories in Canada as a lightweight and then a middleweight until I became a pro in 1994 by winning the Canadian Championships. My pro debut saw me win the 1996 Jan Tana, and have had a world ranking as high as 9, when I placed 9th in the 1996 Olympia, which I have competed in twice. I have also competed in the Ms International twice, with 5th runner up as my highest placing. For the most part, I have had great success in the magazine business, being featured on 10 covers and 5 centerfolds. I most often have appeared in MuscleMag, Flex, Muscle & Fitness, Muscular Development, and Women's Physique World. I have been involved in the magazine business for 7 years now, and still am used extensively as a fitness model today, last shooting for the Flex swimsuit issue to be released in late winter 2000. I have also modelled for weightlifting belts and gloves, and for clothing ads, and have participated in TV shows, talk shows, and the movie "Nemesis III". Currently I am learning wrestling and kickboxing moves so that I may extend my knowledge of these activities, in the hopes of one day perhaps participating in one of the pro wrestling federations. I enjoy wrestling as a way of using the strength I have gained from years of lifting weights, and am always open to learning new techniques from whoever I may be in combat with. For the most part, my object is to have fun in these matches, and do enjoy the variety of people I meet. It is a pleasure to feel appreciated for the years of work I have put into developing my body, and through this work I meet so many people who do respect the hard work that goes into being a female bodybuilder. These matches also give me a chance to spend time with the fans that I usually would not have the time to spend chatting with. I see these matches as a way of sponsoring me in my competitive efforts, and I do invite anyone and everyone to contact me so we can set up a time and place to get together. You will find I am very down to earth, so there is no need to be shy - I will put you at ease immediately. I know if it were not for this business, it would be very hard for women bodybuilders to have the finances available to compete. So thank you, one and all, for your continued support. You may contact me personally at, or my pager number is (310) 262-4085. Hope to hear from you real soon! And you won't regret it! On a sidenote, because I am so involved in magazine work, I stay within 10 lbs of my competition weight, so me being out of shape is never a factor. I am available for muscle worship, posing, domination, role play (which we can be pretty creative at!!) fantasy wrestling, and some light wrestling. Because I am still competing professionally I tend to stay away from competitive wrestling. But as I learn more moves in wrestling school, I may extend into this area for anyone interested. Hope to meet up with you real soon!!!

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