MANY MANY Clips to view


The clips are at least 4-5 minutes long on the theater network site. There are many clips added to start you off 88 of them 4-5 minutes in length. We will add 60 or more clips each month

Cost for 30 days of viewing is an unreal value of $39.95 Non recurring One-Time Charge.Your credit card will be charged one-time and you will have to sign up every 30 days for access

. We will be adding clips all the time as listed 60 or more each month.So renew each month to see the new ones

How to see the full video of each clip is given on the theater network page.

After you buy,then return,we will have different sections,example returning first time buyer gets the next month clips Each time you return you get more videos added.First time buyers will get the 88 videos etc.

Sample of some clips below: