Andrea Gahan

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295 NW Commons Loop Suite 115-377
Lake City, FL 32055
Phone: (239) 498-3684 Fax: 386 963-2808 or (727) 856-7863

5'5", 175lbs, 18" calves, 29" quads, 16" biceps...

You ask "where is the beef" well look no more this massive muscled lady has legs and knows how to use them 29" quads of solid steel, Hamstrings from hell!! Andrea is from Maryland and is now wrestling for Mass Muscle videos and referral service. She will be featured in videos in the months to come and I just want to tell you this beautiful, BIG, rough tough, gal can wrestle!! She is very sensual as well. She wrestles competitive, semi-competitive, playful fantasy role play, lifts and carries, posing muscle worship, and her favorite scissors submission sessions, Her rear head scissors are deadly!! She may just be the NEW queen of squeeze. She loves to scissors a man into submission and let him know who's the boss! She will be traveling in the months ahead doing private sessions with all of you guys but in the meantime if you are in the Maryland area then contact her for a session today...

Email her at to reach this beautiful massive amazon..

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