Nicole Bass

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295 NW Commons Loop Suite 115-377
Lake City, FL 32055
Phone: (239) 498-3684 Fax: 386 963-2808 or (727) 856-7863

The Biggest Bodybuilder in the Universe

Nicole Bass 6'2" 230lbs 18" biceps and calves, 30" massive quads with
legs that go on forever.

This well known lady has been in bodybuilding for over 13 years and
has made a legend of herself by being the biggest woman in the sport.
Now for all of our enjoyment is the biggest wrestler in the world of
Mass Muscle Videos.

Nicole wrestles semi-competitive, playful, fantasy role-play,
lifts-carries, posing muscle-worship, and loves to have a lot of fun.
Besides being extremely strong and is able to make any man submit to her
crushing scissors hold, she is also the sweetest and most down to earth
lady I know. Her fees for wrestling are comparable with the rest but worth
a whole lot more to be with this super star. She is readily available
in NYC but travels monthly as well you can email me for her phone # to
reach her directly to set up a private encounter with this world class
lady. Her fees $300.00 hr or $200.00 1/2 hr.

The Largest female bodybuilder of all times nicole wrestling a helpless
male who at 5'10" is made to look small next to the giant Nicole 6'2"
230lbs 18" biceps and calves and 30" quads. She displays some great
power, strength, speed and agility as she wipes the mats up with this
guy. Lifts, airplane spins, scissors, combination holds, and murderess
mindblowing grapevines are featured as you watch this great lady in
action. The video is 1/2 hr long and is $50.00 order V306 TODAY!!!

You can contact Nicole at Be sure to tell them Mass Muscle sent you.

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