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16" biceps, 16/12" calves, 25" quads, 5'6" height,  145 lbs contest 160lbs off season.

Sheila is striving for her pro card in the north americans or the canadians, She is from canada. She always has been very athletic, competing in high school as a long distance runner, playing grass hockey and volleyball. She also was a dancer, 12 years in ballet and 15 years in Highland (Scottish) dancing this accounts for her incredible leg development and size. She has also taught aerobics for the last 14 years. Eight years ago while working as the Aerobic Coordinator at a gym, she made a bet with one of her co-workers that she could put 1/2" on her arms in one month...thus weight training became a part of her
life. Oh, and she won the bet! She now works full time as a Horiculture Technician and part time Aerobic instructor. She loves to ski, rollerblade, play tennis, cycle, sew, and is a GREAT cook! She is now available in canada only at this time for private posing and muscle worship sessions. If you would like to contact her for this reason or to purcahse photos of her autographed, then email her at She will be in mass muscle videos in the future, I am working on it as you read this.

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