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158lbs of sexy Muscle!!



The 1 st time I picked up my brothers copy of pumping iron, I knew I wanted muscles. Years pasted, but that one desire inside didnt wavier. No one wanted to help me, girls did aerobics. In my early 20s there was a chance meeting with an asshole at a small gym where I expressed my desire to be a bodybuilder, not sure what he replied back to me, he was too busy shoving eggs in his mouth. All I remember is being put through something called a pain pit, this was another name for, “your bothering me little girl so Im going to squat you until you cant walk and youll just go away”. It was at least another year before I tried going back to that same gym, now at a different location. A very highly recommended personnel trainer/bodybuilder was there now and female bodybuilders were his thing. I need you to get a quick visual, I was 5'1”, 26 yrs old, big boobs out of shape divorced mom of 3. I was determined to see this goal through……big tall handsome man meets me at the door, he was nice enough so far, the words pain pit havent come out of his mouth yet so Im feeling a little more at ease. With money in hand I announce to all within ear shot I want to be a bodybuilder. To be a fly on the wall when I left???, well 1 word for all of them, F*** YOU! You can set goals, you can have dreams no matter weather others agree or understand.

Bodybuilding was the hardest thing I had ever done, I needed a different goal like gardening or something. This man could think of the worst torture on the planet and God knows that was going to be todays workout. Squats breaking down from 315 all the way down to the bar, and dont think falling down was going to get you out of it, no hed pick your ass up and just shove you back down. THEN it was time to go outside to lunge in the parking lot with 75lbs, and if that didnt suck enough then you had to superset lunges with frog leaps. He would scream “ you stop 1 more time youre starting all over “, HE WAS SERIOUS! So much time has passed, and then again it feels like yesterday, oh that WAS yesterday, hes still my trainer! Whats wrong with me?

My earlier bodybuilding career was short lived, only 3 contest in the early 1990s . I won the first 2 in Memphis TN., the lightweight and overall then went on to place 3 rd at the Southern Classic in Jackson, MS, it first time I had lost. While training for that show the next year, I hurt my shoulder sideling my bodybuilding for over ten years. During that time I worked as a personal trainer and competed in different sports such as triathlons and marathons to stay in shape. All that time the Southern Classic haunted me until in 2006 when I stepped back on stage and won the lightweight and overall there, qualifying me for national level competition. I will tell you that day was my best.

In June 2007 I was lucky enough to step on stage with the best competitors I had ever seen, and I won the Middleweight Class at the NPC Jr. Nationals in Chicago, WHAT A GREAT MOMENT!!!! What will the future hold? I broke my damn crystal ball so well have to wait and see together.

Today I dont train as heavy as I did in the past, I like to think I train smarter and try to bring up any weak points. I train 6 days a week with 1 main body part per day. I do abs and calves 3 times per week and do cardio 3-6 times per week depending on contest time. I know that the heavy lifting in the past built the foundation that I have today. Some of my best lifts are :

SQUATS : 315# X 6

BENCH : 275# X 5



My measurements change with my weight, I am about 158# + in the off season and have been competing at 125# which I was at the Jr. nationals. I doubt I will be able to make that weight ever again, it almost killed me getting there LOL!!! These are some of my average measurements:


HIPS 37?



ARMS 15 1/2

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