Yaxeni Oriquen

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Professional Bodybuilder from Venezuela

5'8", 180lbs off season, 170lbs contest, 17+" biceps and calves, 27+" quads.

This great posing video show Yaxeni off season at a massive weight of 180lbs. Her huge biceps, calves, and quads are beyond imagination!! She wears 5 different outfits all showing off her incredible musculature to its fullest. Shot outside at Yaxeni's pool the lighting is perfect and the scenes shows her flexing and posing as only Yaxeni can do it. Her past experience as a model makes her posing routines incomparable and her extreme beauty also enhances her every move. This lady has biceps from hell!! Huge thick muscles pop out at you as you watch in almost disbelief of how a woman can get so magnificently huge!! Her quad muscles are massive with huge muscle bellies that seem to go on for ever. 30 minutes of eye popping grace, beauty, and muscles makes this video beyond a collectors item.

Yaxeni does not wrestle sorry guys

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