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5'5" 140lbs 141/2" biceps 15" calves 24" quads

Ziggy needs no introduction. This lady has been around for a long time. anyone who has seen her wrestle or have wrestled her knows she does not play around and she fights to WIN! Here she takes on a larger male opponent, Roy, at 5'9" and 180lbs. He is no slouch and knows how to wrestle. This is a brutal, hard fought, exhausting match as both combatants go for the submissions. Ziggy is fast, skilled, tough, tireless, and extremely strong. Many holds are used by the muscular Ziggy and Roy has his hands full trying to beat this tigress. Non-stop action, great wrestling, and a display of aggressive tactics describe this video.

Ziggy can be reached for private wrestling. Find out how at video's ending. Or contact information on how to reach her given on request. This lady is one of the best scissors artists in the business!

Ziggy has also done three other videos with Mass Muscle : Buy one get one free.. buy two get two free..

Video 266. This Fiery Wrestler takes on a worthy opponent in an all out competitive match! Video is 60 minutes $60.00
Video 182. Ziggy vs Lee Price very competitve female vs female matchup 30 min. $50.00
Video 271. A female vs female matchup with Ziggy and Christene Marshall going head to head. Very vicious fighting here. 30 min. $50.00
Video 291. "Severance Pay" a scenerio type video where Ziggy destroys a male in some vicious sadistic wrestling.. 60 min. $60.00

Full color 5 ea. 8x10 lazer copy quality photos of Ziggy available for $25.00 black and white for $15.00


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